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You’re longing for a workspace which is not your own couch, yet it’s just as comfortable – away from home, yet homey. Where at any point you can choose to work with others, or have your own cubby hole, or a bit of both. Where you have the advantage of a coffeehouse on the premises, and you can rent a conference room for meetings. Come on in and check out Colabs Workspaces – all visitors are welcome. Oh, and by the way – give it a few minutes, and you won’t even feel like a visitor anymore.



You can choose your workspace – from a single laptop space to shared office spaces. Our open plan is flexible for both individual focus as well as collaborative projects. Networking among CoLabs workers happens organically at any corner turn, as well as at our delightful, delicacy-plentiful coffee house.


Conference Rooms

are available on a first-come first-serve basis and are booked on our conference rental calendar. Please contact us for more info.



Individual Membership
Private Office
Starting at $900/month for 1 year

Dedicated Space
$450/month for 1 year OR $500/month for 3 months

Shared Space
$200/month for 1 year OR $250/month for 3 months

Day Pass

Facility Rental
Conference Room: $50 / hour
Full Facility: $200 / hour

*mail delivery and shipping is available.


All of them.