CoLab Workspaces | Coffee
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Ah, coffee.It’s a work staple, right? For many, the question is not whether to drink it, but only how do you take it? At CoLab Workspaces, believe us, we understand the need. So we’ve partnered with The Grind Coffee to provide the top-quality, freshly-ground caffeinated (or decaf) goods right on our premises. So just when you need that jolt to keep your creativity flowing, or merely a break to regroup before tackling your next project task, stroll on over and grab a cuppa. You’ll join others from CoLab, enabling you further opportunities to network with others in a variety of fields, while you all just sit back and relax over that cherished hot drink. Not such the coffee lover? No problem – choose from a wide selection of juices, sodas, and other drinks.